Do memorial spaceflights contribute to space pollution?

No, our spaceflighs do not contribute to the growing amount of so called space junk. The Orbital Memorial is launched on a very specific trajectory called a decaying orbit. This allows it to orbit the earth for  several weeks before reentering earth’s atmosphere. At this time, the Orbital Memorial satellite burns up in the upper atmosphere.

Do the remains have to be ashes?

No.  We are willing to send up a lock of hair as well or even a trinket, so long as it weighs less than a gram and fits inside of the capsule.

If a body isn’t cremated we typically suggest a lock of hair.  If there is a keepsake that meant something special to them, weighs less than a gram, and is small enough to fit into the flight capsule, we will also launch that.  This tends not to be the case, so generally a lock of hair is provided.

Can I send up hair while I am alive?

We encourage you to send anything that you feel a special connection with. A lock of hair is a great choice due to its weight and volume.

Can I purchase in advance of the death and redeem at the time of death?

Yes, this is possible through our Living Memorial contract. This allows you to buy a voucher now at a discounted price. We include a Letter of Instructions that will augment your Last Will and Testament, if you’ve had one written. This letter instructs those in charge of your after-life arrangements to send a keepsake to Orbital Memorials for flight. For more information on Letter of Instructions, Wills and after life planning, look at our After Life Resources page.

When is your next launch?

We schedule launches according to the number of pre-arranged spaceflights along with a projection of to-be arranged spaceflights. Once scheduled, we let our customers know.

If you’d like an estimate for our next flight, please contact us directly at