Inner Peace, Outer Space

Orbital Memorial Spaceflights

An Orbital Memorial is a memorial spaceflight in which your loved one’s ashes are launched into Earth’s orbit.

Your loved one’s cremated remains will continue to orbit the earth for about a month.  It will then become a shooting star as its orbit naturally re-enters the atmosphere.

How It Works


Once we have received your order we will send you a Memorial Kit.   The kit contains two capsules which you will fill with your loved one’s cremated remains and ship to us per the included instructions.  One of the returned capsules will be installed in the satellite which will remain on earth until the launch date.  The second capsule will be incorporated into the Memorial Package which will be sent to you promptly.

The Memorial Package

A standard feature of all of our services is the Memorial Package which commemorates your loved one’s spaceflight.

IMG_6023 (Large)                     IMG_6041 (Large)

Included are a capsule keepsake, a spaceflight patch, and a Certificate of Mission Completion.  The capsule keepsake is a replica of the one that went into to space, encased in resin.

Who We Are

We are a team of engineers, researchers, and aspiring astronauts. We believe spaceflight should be experienced by everyone and hope to make space burial a commonplace method of disposition of cremated remains as spaceflight becomes more privatized and less expensive.

Our team balances spirituality, through our licensed reverend, and technological know-how through years of cumulative experience building mechanical systems and working in the space industry.