Memorial Spaceflights Made Affordable

A memorial spaceflight offers loved one’s an alternative to traditional disposition, involving being sent into space via a rocket and either returned back to earth, becoming a shooting star, or being sent into deep space.

Orbital Memorials makes a memorial spaceflight affordable. Our premiere package, the Orbital Memorial, allows a portion of cremated remains to orbit the earth and return as a shooting star.

Four Easy Steps

Memorial Package image

The Memorial Package

All Orbital Memorial spaceflights include a keepsake to commemorate the spacetime adventure.

This includes:

  • a handmade wooden box
  • a spaceflight mission patch
  • a resin-encased space capsule replica

After the mission launches, you will also receive a Certificate of Mission Completion from our launch provider.

Who we are

We are a team of engineers, researchers, and aspiring astronauts. We believe spaceflight should be experienced by everyone and hope to make space burial a commonplace method of disposition of cremated remains as spaceflight becomes more privatized and less expensive.

Our team balances spirituality, through our licensed reverend, and technological know-how through years of cumulative experience building mechanical systems and working in the space industry.